Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Start...Back to Basic (Resolution 2015)

Going to keep this short and sweet. 2015 will be a lot of "ME" time and I have break it into 4 board categories

1) Keeping Fit

Its time to shed what is gain for the past 3 years, and this time, its for GOOD! Last weigh in is at 80.5 kg, Target: 75kg and below and at least 3 waist sizes (currently barely a 34)

2) Finance

Haven't had any savings put aside last year (Record breaking) Target: To save at least 3k in case

3) Pick up a skill/ get certification

As I am really into diving, am definitely looking to better my skill in that area, will first go for the enriched air course, considering doing rescue, and eventually a DM (if my eyes permits so)

4) Catching up

This is something that I have been saying for years, but in my previous work environment its usually easier said than done, is it to catch up with neglected fren I have (hopefully it hasn't turn to HAD yet :P)
and perhaps organize a couple of gatherings just to do some catch up.

That pretty much sum up my 2015 goals... may everyone have a great 2015 ahead!!!


One unofficial goal is of course the revival of this blog, so keep your eyes on this as there will definitely be more posts coming your way!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Punggol Walk (Reflection)

Made my Vesek Day a little more healthy my taking a walk with Dee off in Punggol just to explore the nature side of things. Must say the HDB and NEA has did a very good job in creating a nice and scenic park amidst all the HDB building, but not too sure I can say the same in a few years time after all the HDB that is in construction is completed.

I dedicate this pose to REFLECTION. how the tranquil water from the reservoir reflected the beautiful surrounding. It was a great reflection as to how we should take time of our busy life... and all the electronic, and just appreciate Mother Nature... as it lasts....

Here are some sharing from the shots I took...

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Resolution

The year is 2014, its been one long year since I last blogged, and honestly, the thought of blogging once again just resurfaced while I am taking a shower.

As I look back at my last post, I realised that it was dated 2012, which mean this page; which has followed me through endless nights in the past have been neglected and untouched for the past year. This is like reliving an aged books from the dusty shelf, blowing off the layer of dust accumulated from the year and uncovering a hidden gem. 

2013 was a roller coaster and honestly a very fast year that went pass in a fast. Honestly years flew pass after I joined this company. But of course last year brought me to many places as well, bo th for work and for leisure. 

Just to share some of the places I went, the friends that had a change of status and started a new phase of life... (not in particular order...)

A good friend Apel, got married. 

My first trip to Borocay, and Philippines...

New friends I made on my business trip to Frankfurt (IMEX 2013)

Yet another wedding, this time my dear boss, Ms Chor Li Ling and her hubby, Mrs Douglas Seah...

Bintan getaway with a bunch of crazy people...

My first trip official leisure trip to Korea, am definitely sure I am half korean after that trip... :p

My very first sketch... by Joyce's niece...

A trip to HCMC with my buddy....

Attending yet another wedding... Ms. Rachel Tham

Farewell to the colleague and sister.... Shi han...

A trip to Kukup... with a new group of crazy people...

The Annual "5117" Xmas gathering,,,,, with plus 2 this year....

Xmas run in Chiang Mai....brrrrr.... its cold.....

First party in BKK.... Route 66...

Eve of new years eve party

Happy New Years 2014!!!!

Let's hope 2014 will be as good or better!!!


Wednesday, December 05, 2012


This is my first blog after a very long time. This feels kinda new yet very familiar. Anyway, I know i have been grumbling a lot yet nothing has been done, but I am finally ready to do something about it.

Anyway, I ended my year with a fantastic run, I finally did my first overseas run, the Angkor Wat Half Marathon. Its a very wonderful experience. I shall let the picture do the talking.

Start off collecting out race bib. they still went with the old school champion chip system, those kind that you have to return after the race.

On the race day, we have a tutu driver to send us to the race site, the cool breeze in the morning is rather chilly but once the sun is up, and with the crowd, we warmed up very quickly.

Before we started!

The race was a very unique experience, and of course the supporter was so adorable and cool!!!

Not forgetting scenic natural backdrop as the ancient god sends us their blessing as we run along.

With hardwork come the fruit... Well done !!!

Looking forward to my next overseas run already...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Looking in the past

Looking at my last entry, its has been one year since I last post an entries.

I guess no one really read my entries now but this I must stay is still one of the best avenue to air my thoughts.

No one really cares of how I think, or at least that's how I feel. I do feel at time I am hindering people around me, never able to be of any help to the people around me. As I thought I finally found some use in life, I let it slipped out of my own hands...

Being a guy, I have no aspirations for goals in life, I live it a day at a time, not knowing and not wanting to know what lies ahead for me. Not even sure this is what I want in the long run, I am just move ahead a day at a time.

I do miss how I did sports last time, the feeling of breathlessness from pushing myself to the limits excites me, making me know i survive and will be able to push myself future for my next training, waking up sore from a good set.

Nowadays, I get breathless just for climbing up a flight of stairs. Clothes that fitted well are getting tight.. I know all this but the scary thing is I am not doing anything about it. I should really really buck up if I do not wish to go back to where I was.

I was 72kg (at my peak) and now I am closing 80 kg once more... a massive weight increase.

What I set out to do (resolutions) was never met.. not even close.

Recently this feeling is getting from bad to worse... Although I try to suppress it.... it seems to be pretty overwhelming...

I need an outlet, I need an escape, I need an oasis....

Friday, August 05, 2011

Am I bad or just not good enough

I don't know what is wrong but the day has been very lousy. Its only been 3 months (or 6mths, just 3 in full time) in this job and things have been pretty okie... but this come with a price and its turning pretty costly now.

Thou this job re-ignite my passion for this industry, I am starting to wonder if this is all worth it. This situation is making me think of the movie "Devil loves Prada" and something Nigel says in the move: "Let me know when you life comes crashing.... it means its time for a promotion" Do I really want to get to that stage? I wonder..

One part of life I am seriously lacking now is exercise. what have been a huge part of me in the past have now come to a serious haul, from 7 days a week to now once a week or even none a week. I am very not proud of this and am trying to work with it.

Its going to be a long weekend ahead.....=(

Monday, July 18, 2011


Dating back to my last entry, its been a pretty long while since I last blogged. I guess hardly anyone read my blog but well nevertheless, here I am.

I know this vicious cycle is on going but once again, I am back to square one in terms of my fitness, Once at my peak (close to sub 4hrs for a marathon), now I doubt I can even finish a 10 km run without stopping. Mentally I am strong, but mentally I am lazy also....

Anyway, for those that have not heard, i just started on a new chapter in life. something new and a learning process everyday. this also mean lesser "me" time as in the past. but nevertheless a good thing for a start. perks comes with the job, one thing is the opportunity to work in a big company, and of course having the chance to travel overseas! this year alone i have visited more places i have done in years.

well thats all i have for work. with its perks there is a downside, late nights and overtime, working over weekends, sleepless nights and all definitely comes with the job. but its made more bearable with awesome colleagues and team mate!

now to sport, unfortunately, i have not been able to fulfill many of the items that i set out to do this year. i have also taken a step back in my run. i stopped dragonboating and also slowed down on muay thai, these factor constitues to my growing waistline! haha. oh well slowly but surely i need to get it back! i must not let all my hardwoirk go back to waist. i should train for gold for my ippt before it expires.

at least this is what i set out to do:

1) gold for ippt 2011
2) get my fitness back!

thats for now! anyway! thats all for now. shall blog when i have the chance!